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Start off outside warehouse. Go left. Two henchmen will greet you. Fight both of them using combinations of punches and kicks. Continue left and then up to the top of the screen through alley. Go right and fight third henchman. Go all the way right and up to the top of the screen and go in warehouse door. (You should have learned a new combo now - Get Some Suka - LP, LP, HK)

Go up stairs and beat henchman using new learned combo. Go right and fight three more henchmen. Stand at back of flatbed trailer and climb on top using HK button. Grab small medipack. Jump off front of trailer and go left and fight another henchman. Go all the way left and climb ladder using HK. Follow grate around and grab medium medipack. Go back down ladder. Go up the first corridor and all the way to the top. Go left and down staircase. Fight henchman. Go to top of screen and down corridor. When at the end, go in small room on left and grab 9mm clip. Go back up corridor and go to right. Go in between the rust colored boilers and grab the power room key. Go back to stairwell and go up. Go down and to the right. Go in room at top of screen and grab machine gun. Go out of room and continue to the right and go out of door. Go down the stairs and fight 3 henchmen. Go to top of screen and go in the power room door by using X. Hit the far left power switch by using X. (This is the first checkpoint)

Go out of power room and back up stairs. Go back into warehouse and continue all the way left until you get to the elevator. Take the elevator on left. Go to the 4th floor. Go out of elevator and grab 9mm clip. Fight henchman, then go up. There is an armed guard waiting. Draw your weapon and kill him. Take his 9mm clip and put your gun away. Go through corridor on left. Fight two henchmen. Go up and to the right and grab large medipack. Go to bottom left corner of room and go down into corridor. Fight henchman. Go to the right and fight three more henchman. Continue right and grab the detonator. Go back to elevator.

Go up to 3rd floor. Fight henchman at top of screen and then go down. (At this point you should have learned a new combo - Super Uppercut - LP,LP,LP,HP,HK). Fight 2 more henchman. Go down and through door on right. Go past the second protruding wall at the top of the screen. There is a crack in the wall. Place detonator on wall and step way back. After explosion is over, go through the hole in the wall you just made and grab the large medipack. Go out of small room and go all the way back to the left. There should be an crack in the wall. Place detonator in crack and step way back. Go into opening that you made. Go all the way up the corridor and to the right. Grab security key. go out the corridor and go as far right as you can. There is a security door there. Use X to open it. Go up and you will be greeted by two henchmen. Beat them and go far right and trip the fire alarm by using X. (This is the second checkpoint)

Go back towards the elevator fighting a few henchmen along the way. Get on elevator and go to the second floor. Go up into room and fight two henchmen. Grab 9mm clip at right of room and exit room. Go into the first room on the right and grab medium medipack. Go out of room and go down to fight henchman. Go all the way to the right across large rug. Go into door at bottom of screen. Continue right into room with wooden floors. There will be an armed guard waiting for you. Draw your weapon and shoot him. Take his 9mm clip and put your weapon away. Go into room on the left. Go all the way up and you will find a fire escape. Open door using X. Go out door and follow grate up the stairs and around to the left. Go into the room on the left. Fight henchman and go up. Fight another henchman and go up and to the right. Grab the medium medipack. Go to door on the right. This is the door to the boss (No Face). Use X to go in.

Draw your weapon and shoot him until you are out of ammo. Avoid bombs and flame thrower by running around him in circles. You can try to get close and leave detonators if you want. Continue running around and using medipacks as needed. Eventually, there will be an opening where you can get close to him. When you do, pummel him non stop until he goes down. Go through the door on the right. Congratulations... Level 1 complete.

On to Level 2 - The Sewers (Be sure to save your game).

  Level 2 - The Sewers
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