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Episode One
"Warrior Eternal" (part 1)
First Aired : 10/03/98
Kung Lao defeats Shang Tsung, but grants him mercy. Shang Tsung vows revenge against Kung Lao, only to be banished to the cobalt mines by Shao Kahn. He plots his escape with the help of a female warrior named Vorpax. Kung Lao struggles between feelings for his forbidden love, and his duty to save the Earth Realm.

Episode Two
"Warrior Eternal" (part 2)
First Aired : 10/10/98
Taja, Siro and Kung Lao fight to free Jen from the clutches of her father, but in the process, she is kidnapped by Scorpion. The plot thickens as Kung Lao has to watch Scorpion murder Jen. Now Kung Lao must gather together an army of mortals to help him get revenge upon Scorpion and Shang Tsung, as well as save the Earth Realm from the destructive forces of Shao Kahn and the Outworld!

Episode Three
"Cold Reality"
First Aired : 10/17/98
Taja, Siro and Kung Lao fight to keep an ancient Crystal from falling into the hands of one of the Lin Keui's fiercest warriors, SubZero. Shang Tsung has hired SubZero to get the Crystal by any means necessary, but Raiden may have to step in to help the Earth Warriors keep this portal opening Crystal out of Shang Tsung's possession.

Episode Four
"Immortal Kombat"
First Aired : 10/24/98
Shang Tsung sends Vorpax to poison Kung Lao with an aging formula, but mistakingly, Taja and Siro were poisoned and are aging right before their eyes. Kung Lao must go to the Living Forest and search for help from a centuries old sorceress named Omegis who has beaten mortality. Shang Tsung forces Kung Lao to break the rules of the Elder Gods, and fight him in Mortal Kombat.

Episode Five
"The Essence"
First Aired : 10/31/98
Princess Kitana is out to save "The Essence" of Edenia, the last remnants of her once thriving world that was destroyed at the hands of Shao Kahn. Kitana is not alone in her search for "The Essence", Shang Tsung has sent Vorpax to follow the Princess. Kitana must seek out the help of Kung Lao, in order to preserve what is left of her world.

Episode Six
"Noob Saibot"
First Aired : 11/07/98
Siro and Taja are sent to the underground ruins of the city by a beautiful fortune teller named Kiri. In the process, they defeat two of Kahn's guards and release the shadow warrior confined to these ruins, Noob Saibot. In an attempt to win back Kahn's favor, Noob Saibot sets out to kill Kung Lao.

Episode Seven
"Debt of the Dragon"
First Aired : 11/14/98
Taja, Siro and Kung Lao fight to keep their Trading Post stand open but the Black Dragon Organization is claiming rights to it and wants to shut it down. The daughter of the BDO leader murders her father and gets Shang Tsung to help her lay claim to the ancient powers of the Black Dragon in exchange for her taking Kung Lao's life.

Episode Eight
"Undying Dream"
First Aired : 11/21/98
Shang Tsung uses Taja's father as bait to lure her into the Cobalt Mines of the Outworld where she is trapped. Kung Lao and Siro, packing a special crystal that can be used to travel anywhere, tread into the Shokan Cobalt Mines to save Taja. Their escape will not be as easy as planned.

Episode Nine
"Quan Chi"
First Aired : 11/28/98
A socerer from Outworld named Quan Chi sends his warriors to cast a spell on Kung Lao, Taja and Siro, a spell that brings out their evil sides and turns them against each other. They must fight to supress their evil sides in order to save their souls.

Episode Ten
"Unholy Alliance"
First Aired : 12/05/98
Shang Tsung and Quan Chi team up their powers to create the perfect alternate universe and Kung Lao is lured in by his desire for this world to exist. Shang Tsung double-crosses Quan Chi so the sorcerer goes to Taja and Siro and tell them where to find Kung Lao, who must decide wheter to stay in this realm or return to his own.

Episode Eleven
"Thicker Than Blood"
First Aired : 12/12/98
Siro's brother is recruited by Scorpion (Chris Casamassa) to join his army of evil. Siro must fight his feelings of hatred towards his brother and help him to break the ties with Scorpion.

Episode Twelve
"Shadow Of A Doubt"
First Aired : 02/07/99
Shao Kahn promises the grotesque female warrior Mileena the eternal beauty of Kitana in exchange for killing Kung Lao. Shang Tsung must find a way to keep Mileena from succeeding in her task to rid him of his mortal enemy in order to still have a chance for his own personal redemption with the Emperor.

Episode Thirteen
"Twisted Truths"
First Aired : 02/13/99
A great warrior named Thomas travels a great distance in search of Kung Lao in order to fight side by side against the evil forces of Outworld. Shao Kahn frames the warrior for several murders using a cunning ninja named Reptile in an attempt to force the fighters to kill one another.

Episode Fourteen
"Festival of Death"
First Aired : 02/20/99
Quan Chi sends a traveling show of undead fighters to the Earth Realm in order to recruit strong hosts for his collection of lost souls. One of Kung Lao's childhood friends is lured to the Festival of Death and its up to Kung Lao, Siro and Taja to save her, as well as protect the city.

Episode Fifteen
"The Serpent & The Ice"
First Aired : 02/27/99
The Emporer of Outworld, Shao Kahn, attempts to bring together a deadly warrior named Scorpion and a Lin Kuei warrior named Subzero in order to kill Kung Lao. The Earth warriors must find a way to break up the deadly alliance and save the Earth Realm.

Episode Sixteen
First Aired : 03/06/99
The Earth Realm is in danger of being overrun by a race of female warriors which spawned the likes of Vorpax. Led by Empress Kreeya, these warriors kidnap Shang Tsung from the Cobalt Mines of Outworld and plan to use him against Shao Kahn. Siro, Taja and Kung Lao are invited to join the cause, but find that it is not all that was promised. Kung Lao and Shang Tsung must team up to save the Earth Realm from total domination.

Episode Seventeen
"The Master"
First Aired : 04/17/99
Vorpax releases Shang Tsung's former Master from the bowels of the cobalt mines and at the same time allows him to seek revenge on Tsung for his betrayal. Tsung must seek the help of Omegis, a beautiful sorceress from his past, in order to stay alive.

Episode Eighteen
"In Kold Blood"
First Aired : 04/24/99
Once again, the Earth Realm is in danger of being overrun by Empress Kreeya and her race of female warriors. They team up forces with Reptile and Kiri to keep Kung Lao and the mortal out of the way. The Earth Warrior must find a way to destroy the breeding hives and rid the Earth Realm of Kreeya and her army once and for all.

Episode Nineteen
"Flawed Victory"
First Aired : 05/01/99
Shang Tsung is running rampant in Earth Realm killing innocent people and stealing their souls. Shao Kahn contracts the services of Quan Chi and his army of undead female warriors to kill Shang Tsung. Kung Lao and friends must also stop Shang Tsung to save the people of Earth Realm.

Episode Twenty
"Balance Of Power"
First Aired : 05/08/99
While Shao Kahn's search for a traitor continues, Vorpax is busy recruiting the help of the Earth Warriors to take down Queen Kreeya so that she can step in and take her place on the throne as Queen.

Episode Twenty-one
"Stolen Lies"
First Aired : 05/15/99
Taja is reunited with a good friend and fellow theif from her past. The 3 Earth Warriors are lured by her into a hidden city where the citizens there worship Shao Kahn as a God and await his arrival for the ultimate sacrafice in his name, Kung Lao.

Episode Twenty-two
First Aired : 05/22/99
Shao Kahn takes vengeance and sends out his Shadow Priests to rid him of all his enemies. Noone is safe from his wrath, not the Earth Warriors, Sorcerers, Royalty or even Raiden himself can hide from the crazed Emporer. Will this be the end for everyone? It certainly appears that way.


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